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Lady ponce – Fidélité Kmer

My Love Loulous in comments here is the principle: Tell where you live and where do you send your love to hunt. Custom: “If I live in Yaoundé go hunting in Libreville”

Mani Bella – Dose Adulte

Princess Mani Bella releases her album entitled “PARADIS” with her title “Adult Dose”. In this video she exposes the subject of the infidelity of men or women. Filming occurred in Cameroon. Musical production: Kumba Boy Contact management: Find Mani Bella on: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : © 2018 Mani Bella […]

Makaya – L’amour d’une mère

Makaya – The love of a mother – Official video About the title “The love of a mother”, is a homage to women, a cry of joy, a lullaby skillfully punctuated by Yeyi Pygmies, tinged with a Bikut-si background and carried by urbanized colors of Hip Hop. This fusion of genres, very well arranged is, […]

Coco Argentée – Ossi Ossa

Coco Argentée – Ossi Ossa

Petit Malo – Le Yamo

Petit Malo The official Yamo-Video Yamo is a new satire of Petit Malo denouncing the evils that undermine society: pedophilia, lesbianism, homosexuality, drug trafficking, impoverishment Buy itunes:… Buy on Amazon:… biography Petit Malo is a musician artist who makes Biktusi Trap. Head of the orchestra MBOLE CORPERATION he created in 2013, after several […]

Dez Altino Feat. Lady Ponce – Kongossa

Dez Altino Feat. Lady Ponce – Kongossa

Mani Bella feat. K-Tino – Le Secret De MaMa

Bikutsi Queen K-Tino and Princess Mani Bella met to create this fusion between two generations of the genus Bikutsi. Filming was done in two localities: one in Paris (France) and the other in Yaoundé (Cameroon). Available on iTunes: and other legal platforms. Spotify: Contact management : 00447776395588 ou Find Mani Bella on: […]


Drawing on the depths of our rhythms and customs, Lady Ponce celebrates life with us and dances on this beautiful  ELLA song…… Tag and share with people who like POSITIONING. I love you!

Lady Ponce – Mon médecin

Makeup: Durel John Styling: Durel John Hairdresser: FIFI Nancy Artistic direction: Beauty studio Contact: 695759236/693327506