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Lyrics / Paroles9.4
Sound / Son9.2
Dance / Danse8.0
Video / Vidéo9.2

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Verse 1:

Two months ago that I am a man who likes all that
Tent koñ bi yëp poot dajale say paan
neither cars-fast bu yab ba cool ci digg yoon bi mu
“Failure” is on the back of battles falewul xiiro bi kokser aparanti ken attwul
ñaata saufaar ñu bur bur “red-fire”
ki moy waaja bimuy dawal ub seen bët ñu gëmm

It’s like nothing to do, you spit everywhere on the asphalt you throw your garbage all the way, the neighborhood you do not care !!
You block the passage just for a ceremony, a big tent to celebrate a baptism, you wash in the middle of the busy street like a fast broke down.
The driver is not cold, nothing to do with the donkey. Banales are the fights between apprentices and coxseurs on the public road, how many drivers roar the invisible red light, everyone goes in the end on one eye only for a nice box on drooling.

his demo his jikko his araam moy ñakk yaradiku tilim jikko
Melokaan bi ngay dikke ci bitti ni nga njekke
u ngi gis nude lay sikke
Marsandisu reewande tey la gene lambb ñëppay jënd ñëppay jaay
yaa ngi teb teb ta do dal
two weeks ago

our behaviors are
the worst in poverty is unconsciousness, rudeness and bad behavior
your way of being is reflected on your attitude
on facts and attitude
is as an merchandish
we are more and more fiery we are stubborn
one of these days on will regret it bitterly

Verse 2:

Mêno xaar sa you sooga ñëw burle rang bi
there is no better way to say “numba 1one bi”
bus dugge tafu bus tafee a sa sa months ago saxaar sigaret sanni fula neex
dajjeeti nga beneen paket
naan his njaru kafee kaas bi xaar yareen sareet
he ngi guux his ndox fi nga taxaw ngay sanni mbuus bi say loxo duenu put ya ngi gen leegi duus bi

you’re not patient, you prefer to grill the steps
you came last you want to go first
you schels and you stick people in the bus by stealing fun, you pickpocket.
You smoke us with your cigarette, barely
you throw a packet you open another and you open everywhere drinking njaru coffee, the cup will wait for the passage of the carts.
After a few sips of water, the bag on the floor, your sales are at your leisure.


Civilize ak badoolo ….
doxin wa ak waxin wa
I do not know what it takes for a car accident. There is a civic accident …
bu fukki nit di gas fukki nit di suul pax of gaawa am //
lack of citizenship there is little
ba duñ ca yeeg bridge
ba ci police station lei nga mode gis tortures xamne lack of civility the !!!
to be civilized or rude …
In your way of walking, to speak
to greet or to do
Too many accidents due to a lack of citizenship …..

Verse 3:

“Urge to urinate” wall bi sax tereko
y ngi taxaw ci mbed mi saw jokkan fa pareego Policeman bis nier priip njaga ndiaay fok mu stop bu dafa amul brake loxom fok mu yoor ci poos taxi gen meaning-forbidden liila xelam yannu ci loos Merchant traveling dox ci na ci in the wind trotuwaar bi forward fok mu def sandikat
xat na lool Sandaga liko jële dëk ba moola fi inddi dañuy course y yy mëna jël sen benefice
read tabax yeeg yeeg xel there is ng gëna di kule
daf ñuy tere gëna gis teggin bi nilañuy koy suule lu tabax yeeg yeeg
daf ñuy tere gëna gis teggin bi nilañuy koy suule
Looks like they have blind, “defense to urinate” even written on the wall do not want to pee
or you drop their needs.
If a policeman kept saying that, public transportation without a brake, it was largely in the pocket.
He is not on his plate the taximan, he took the meaning-forbidden as usual.
And ambulance ambulance in the wind, is the king of sidewalks
he will do as in Sandika (pikine)
he will besiege Sandaga. We all come from the village on is not idlers on the same but it is profit at all costs.
And the more the buildings go out of the ground the more the spirits bury themselves,
it is more clear on good manners
The more the buildings go out of the ground the more the spirits are burrowed.

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