Singer / Chanteur

Isihaka Nassoro or Dogo Aslay, born May 6, 1995, is a musician from Tanzania.

He has made himself known since 2011 after giving his Nikemea tablet under the Greater Fella. Before that, he gave another song called Niwe Nawe with Temba. He then released several other songs before joining the Yamoto Band Youth group.

In the band, he sang a lot with his colleagues, Put Flavor, Maromboso and Enock Bella. The songs they shared by composing and singing in the Yamoto group include Yamoto, Playing With Madoido, Mom, Talking To Me and many others.

Yamoto Band broke up in 2017 for a variety of reasons and the group’s artists started working independently. As of 2017, Aslay, as an independent artist led by her former director, Chambuso, has begun to make herself known.

To sing in Yamoto’s concerts, Aslay decides to compose many songs. These songs include Angekuona, Usiitie Doa with Khadija Kopa, Muhudumu, Baby, Likizo, Pusha, Natamba, Hauna.

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