Chamy Crys

Chamy Crys

Singer / Chanteur

SINDJOUNG ARNAUD was born in Yaounde on 13 may 1990, originally from the western region of Cameroon, more precisely from the city of Baham, Chamy started his music in 2002 when he is still only a pupil Adventist college of odza where he obtains his A4 philosophical baccalaureate.

In 2008, he opted for law studies, which is why he enrolled in Yaoundé 2 Soa in the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences in 2009, this does not prevent the young talented to reconcile school and music , her passion.

Chamy Crys is a composer-songwriter already known to the public in the student city of SOA. He has already made early parts of artists such as BOUDHOR DE BONASSAMA, SULTAN OSHYMIN, GOVINAL, AMAZONE, MATHEMATICS OF SMALL COUNTRIES.

Chamy Chrys has participated in several international festivals such as GABAO HIP-HOP, URBAN COLORS, but also the national sites that the big festy 25 in the city of ebolowa.

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