Lady Ponce

Musicienne / Singer

Adele Ruffine Ngono, called Lady Ponce, born in 1983 in the region of Cameroon Centre is a singer and songwriter Cameroon. She became known to the public in 2004 with the title The Belly and Abdomen. Since it carries several national awards and music which testify to its place among the Cameroonian female artists.

Lady Ponce was born in ethnicity Ewondo Cameroon. Initially her mother, singer and host of village association networks, singing at parties and storytelling practically every night. It initiates early his daughter to music. This replaces the age of 10 in an official ceremony. Then she joined a Catholic institution to become a nun. The tragic death of this mother in 1998 when she was only 16 years old, made him change direction. So she left the countryside for the city of Yaounde where she enrolled in the choir of the parish of his district (Essos).

In the beginning, Lady Ponce joined a group of Congolese artists, with whom she performs activities in several cabarets of the Cameroonian capital, including the Camp Sonel, La Cascade. His style is expanded with the integration of several rhythms popular in Cameroon (bikutsi, Makossa, ndombolo, salsa). She attended the singers and musicians such Cameroonian Anne-Marie and Sally Nyolo Nzié. She then joined the “Akoak” group with whom she recorded her first album.

Then Lady Ponce interprets music bikutsi Cameroonian artists to success. The rhythm of the music serves to support the dance of the people of the Central region of Cameroon. Her inspiration comes tales and fables heard in his childhood village. She became one of attitrées representatives of this music. Its title The belly and the belly is broadcast relentlessly by the media to its release and is taken over by bars, places of life that expresses the taste of Cameroonians. His name is found in some novels.

At her vocal abilities, Lady Ponce Assistant words then a scenic style. These attitudes and her outfits are sometimes considered provocative, and are often accused.

His name carries through the Narn institutions where Lady Ponce is the leader. They include a cabaret (Ponce Attitude), a line of ready-to-wear, beauty salon (Ponce Original Fashion) and a production company.


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