Musiciens / Singer Group

Les gars de l’heure (LG2H) is a Cameroonian urban music group consisting of Gaspard and Daris, both passionate about Rap and who met in 2008 through Mawata, one of the members of the group Tizeu. It is in 2013 that they decided to get together and come out later their first single “les ways de l’heure”, title that earned them their name “les gars de l’heure” or “Guys time”, and that make them popular. After their national tour in 2014, they returned in 2015 with “tu as mal ou ?” Title which has also placed the most among artists for this year. The LG2H is defined as artists who work for Social, facts of society, the “terre à terre” or “speak freely and be direct” as they say so.

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