Sims BB DJ

Sims BB DJ

Singer / Chanteur

NJITAM SIMOU DILANNE WILDFRIDE, by his artist name SIM’S BB DJ, was born on JUNE 18, 1999 in Douala.

He began at the age of 4 as a great dancer in his establishment he was always solicited as such during the ceremonies of the week of youth. It was at this age that he knew the comedian MOUSSA JEAN KALAGAN and his troupe they were also budding comedians and he was like their dancer during the outdoor shows because it aroused the admiration of the crowd and favored the motivations. In 2004 at the age of 5 he played the song of BB DJ L’ivoirien and that’s how he is called BB DJ.

He made his first outing on February 10th, 2005 during the youth party vigil, in the nightclub COLADERA NIGHT CLUB which was managed at the time by the star maker Mr SIMOU DENVER.

In the same period he moved to the CARAVAN MOBILE show with comedian MASSA YACOB.

He had the honor of knowing his uncle BERTI BERTRAND, DJ SONY and his tata ENTERISSIS who introduced him during his stay at COLADERA on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of this night club. He was the youngest among twenty artists invited on this occasion. He had performed in several other ceremonies in several cities of Cameroon.

Given his passion for music and the public’s esteem, his parents feared that he would drop out of school at a very young age, so they quickly intercept him.

He comes back to the surface at the age of 17 years, that is to say, 11 years later, and makes a maxi single in the offbeat cut rhythm whose title is “On est déjà avancé”.

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