DJ Migo One – Araignée

Doudounette Production and Kaba Lisolo present DJ Migo One in “Spider”.

Longue Longue – Ayo Africa

Compelling music video with a powerful message.

Remna Schwarz – One Way

Remna Schwarz One way (remix) Saltana Video directed by Kebra Regra Lyrics & music by Remna Schwarz

Leon Bassene – Superwoman

Check out the video for my new single SUPERWOMAN.. This one goes out to all my ladies out there, holding it down for their man..

TAO – Holame

Holame is the title of the first album of TAO released in April 2013. TAO sings the sufferings and sorrows of the everyday life of the Women of Africa. A beautiful melody sings in Bassa and Beti (Langues du Cameroun) which nicely digests the warm voice of the singer.

MOLARE – Sauvagement

MOLARE Prod & GRAND POUCET Prod present exclusively the Molare version “Sauvagement”. Modern “Coupé Décalé” Rythm with a hint of Boucan for all the fans around the world… Clip Tour in Abidjan Village KIYI:

Lino Versace – Zéparambo

Lino Versace – Zéparambo from album: “Album Sans Frontières” Subscribe to follow all my new videos: CLICK HERE ➤ To love my Facebook page: CLICK HERE ➤ Give me your opinion and leave a comment on my channel: CLICK HERE ➤ Obouo Productions:

Serge Beynaud – Kababléké

Subscribe to Serge Beynaud’s official channel CLICK HERE ➤ To download the new album of Serge Beynaud: TALEHI ➤ Obouo Productions :

David Tayorault – My Baby é

Music video by David Tayorault performing: My Baby é. Singer, Arranger multi-instrumentist, Intuitive producer and Talent developer.

DJ Lewis – Non mais allo quoi

Another music concept from DJ LEWIS  ‘ NON MAIS ALLÔ QUOI ‘

Clarisse Albrecht – Não Posso Parar

Born to a French father and Cameroonian mother, Clarisse split her childhood between Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and France. Her nickname “Mulata Universal” comes from a poem written by a friend on Copacabana’s beach in Rio De Janeiro. This poem was saying that when she smiles with all her heart and soul, she becomes a “mulata universal”. […]