Bebi Philip

Singer / Chanteur

At the same time arranger, artist and musician, Bebi Philipe remains one of the main icons of music in Ivory Coast.
He is an outstanding Arranger for having flirted with musical instruments such as drums, piano, flute and guitar …
A rather rare phenomenon, Bebi Philip is both popular with the general public who discover the “Coupé Décalé” to the rhythm of the R & B with him, and the most demanding connoisseurs. Back on the life of the stainless Arranger Bebi Philip.
“Kôrô Bebi”, as it is now called, was born on May 18, 1988 in Treichville. A junior son of 10 children from a high school teacher (English teacher) and a housewife mother, both evangelists, he was raised in the Christian tradition at Vridi Cité. At the age of four, the arranger born, fond of music, joined the orchestra of the church as a guitarist.
In 2003, he passed and obtained the entrance examination at the Lycée d’Enseignement Artistique (LEA) at the National Institute of Arts and Cultural Action (INSAAC).
A pupil, he is devoured every day by the desire to become an Arranger. He then decides to put an end to his studies to learn this trade with the support and blessing of his parents.
One must await his collaboration from 2004 to 2007 with Fredy ASSOGBA (sound engineer), one of the tutelary figures of the profession of arranger, so that Bebi Philip learns to mix the sounds. In 2007, he is a member of the “Akwaba” orchestra, which takes part in the final of the podium. Each time the collaboration is fruitful on the artistic level but disappointing on the financial level. Consequently, he decided to fly on his own after his training in 2008.
It is then recovered by Ahmed Sylla the Manager of the studio Beat Street. Bebi Philip deposits his luggage and arranges several pieces that will be very successful. At the end of June 2009, he recorded his first song entitled “swinguita” which was very successful. Without becoming discouraged, he worked harder and persisted. Fruit of a work hard enough his new opus “freestyle” (piece written and arranged by Bebi Philip Beat Street studio), where he spoumone on a beat R & B, perfectionist Bebi Philip printed an indelible mark “Coupé Décalé” .
His music always passes on the airwaves of the whole world, succeeding the bet to seduce the specialists of the “Coupé Décalé” and lovers of good music and especially of his fans, to whom he says bring joy in their hearts.

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