Eléphant Mouillé

Eléphant Mouillé

Actor / Comédien

Éléphant mouillé, from his real name Pierre Zinko, is a Benin actor born in 1969 in Bohicon, Benin. He is a member of the Theater and Cinema Company “Sémako Wobaho”.

Born in 1969 in Bohicon, Benin, Éléphant mouillé started as a mechanic at the age of 12. His artistic performances are summarized at the time of the theatrical animations.

He graduated in mechanical engineering in 1986. Once released, another life begins for the young artist. Éléphant mouillé goes to Cotonou with the aim of installing his workshop. More with time always in search of its satisfaction, Éléphant mouillé launches in the artistic projects in Cotonou.

In 1996, he met Simplice Béhanzin, aka Pipi Wobaho, founder of the theater company “Sémako Wobaho”. The two actors collaborate many times on the Benin stage. In 2010 with the company Sèmako Wobaho, they get the gold record at the 4th edition of the festival “Afrique Fête” thanks to their theater company Sèmako Wobaho in the category telefilm. The union of the two artists and the company leads to several achievements until 2012, especially with the release in 2008 of “Si c’était toi? A series of a collaboration with several other Benin actors. Another work of the company is born in 2012: Apprentice capricious, where Éléphant mouillé plays the role of an apprentice putting the sticks in the wheels of his boss (Pipi Wobaho).

With time, in 2013, rumors began to be born in Benin mentioning tensions between the two actors of the company Sémako Wobaho.

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