Zeynab ABIB


Singer / Chanteuse

Zeynab ABIB, a hugely successfully Beninese R&B singer and a songwriter, Born in Abidjan (ivory cost), zeynab almost seemed destined from birth to become a singer. She wrote her first song at the age of 8. In fact, it was during a normal school day in Cotonou, (Benin) that she revealed her natural singing and dancing abilities talent to the public for the first time.

In 2002, Zeynab released her first album, “Intori” produce by Syic productions. A mix of variety comprise of rythm and blues, traditional and modern Beninese music, and immediately became a smash hit sensation bringing huge success for her, both commercially and critically.

The uniqueness of this Beninese music star is her ability to bring R&B and the Beninese culture together with hard work and the help of her record label. Zeynab as established herself in africa and Europe with her unique voice and sparkling lyrics.

followed the monumental success of her first album, In 2004 zeynab released her second album “D’un endroit à un autre” with 4 song’s writen by the famous congolese arist Lokua Kanza in Paris, which include hit songs such as Enfant and Ovi .The album including 2 interludes and the Bolojo, a traditional music style from her hometown Sakété which won her multiple awards nominations and sold many copies worldwide.

Zeynab ABIB as she likes to be called is well known for her many distinctions, awards, concerts, and invitations outside her home country, where she always manage to wow audiences,

in 2005 zeynab was once again nominated for the Kora award in Durban (South Africa) there she won the best femal artist of west Africa award. Since then zeynab has dominated the airwaves in benin, it is virtually impossible to listen to the radio or enter a dance club without hearing one of zeynab’s infectiously catchy songs. She is regarded as the most successful female and best selling artist in benin. Zeynab continued to enjoy great success. In 2007 Zeynab was named the National Unicef Ambassador in Benin and in 2009 she became Glo national ambassador for benin.

Zeynab has continuing her onslaught of hits, With her new album ‘’Olukèmi’’ release in 2011 and produce by her new record label Fekema productions. The album is currently enjoying an enormous commercial and critical success and is available at France (Fnac).

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