Baloji feat. Konono N°1 – Karibu ya bintou

Shot in the streets of Kinshasa, site of Muhammad Ali’s legendary ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, Karibu Ya Bintou (“Welcome to Life in Limbo”) is a short film with music from the 2010 album ‘Kinshasa Succursale’ by Baloji. Electric finger piano (likembé): played by Konono N°1, the legendary Congolese band who collaborated with Björk & count […]

Baloji – Independence cha-cha, The day after

Filmed in the heart of kinshasa in the district of “Cheap” (Barumbu) with the participation of the musicians of the late Wendo Kolosoy. “Independence cha-cha – The day after” is a reinterpretation of the independence anthem of 1960 written by Joseph “Great Kallé” Kabasele and Nicolas “Dr. Nico” Kassanda. Shot in the “Cheap” (Barumbu) neighborhood, […]

Geoffrey Oryema – Bombs are falling

The most fascinating voice of Uganda, from which he left young for political reasons at the time of the dictator Amin Dada. Among the westerners in terms of composition, Geoffrey Oryema attracted Peter Gabriel’s attention and for his label RealWorld has perhaps recorded his most successful albums, singing both in his native language and in […]

Clarisse Albrecht – Você Me Dá

Director : Ivan Herrera DOP : Gibran Abrales Gracias a las personas que colaboraron con esta producción y que la pasamos super bien en casa de Tarzan.

Henri Dikongué – Africa

Paroles de “Africa” Africa ooh bana longo ba wo na mbambeAfrica ooh bana longo ba wo na takèTe kulé nga yewé so mama yowéTe kulé nga yewé so mama yowéBakala ba ben nde ebola wondo bisoDisi mende tukwa to bunyaTo di bolea nde moDimendè taka bunya tenguèTo di bolea nde moDimendè taka bunya tenguèTe […]

Buminang Ngwansi Elvis – Wash

court métrage contre la corruption et en faveur d’un changement de mentalités pour un futur meilleur !

Dibi Dobo – Wini Wini

Wini Wini de Dibi Dobo “Soyimavo” !!!! Paroles Wini Wini Ohhh Dibi dobo (aiiiii) Ehhh (ha ha ha) soyimavo Ehh ehh NOUVELLE DONNE (enhan) Ohhhh houê dexou â man tou anhh?! On se met au beurre Wini Wini Tu cries tu meurs Kuini Kuini Afropop tu sais que cest Wini Wini Nous on a des […]