DJ Kedjevara

Dj Kedjevara


From his real name Yao Parfait, Dj Kedjevara is the son of Antoinette Allany, artist-singer. He considers his date of birth as a true symbol: April 18 of a year he keeps for him. His artist’s name is first inspired by the Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara and is also a diminutive of “Kédjénou de varan” which has been attributed to him by his entourage to best reflect his personality and strength of character.

While Mom Allany dreamed of long studies for her son, it is with consternation that she discovers her taste for music since the first class already. Thus, the young Kedjevara began his career and even ends up performing a featuring with his mother on the piece ” Merci Yahvé ”.

2012 has announced itself as a new era for him with his breathtaking title NONGON NONGON, which is adopted by all Ivorians and music lovers who are connoisseurs of good music.

Now called the KAPORAL CHEF ZOURA MPORIO, he continues his career by multiplying the tubes, like “it stings”, and is also an arranger and producer through 18 Avril Production which he is the boss.

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