Dynastie Le Tigre

Dynastie Le Tigre

Singer / Chanteur

Cedric Biyong Egimengo a.k.a Dynastie Le Tigre is a singer, author and composer from Cameroon. He is best known for his single My wife. It is produced by the Tiger Production label since 2012 and is now distributed by Hope Music Group since November 2015.

Born in the early 90’s of a father-teacher and a housewife, he grew up in a rigid and rigid environment in the locality of Ebolowa, which allowed him to forge his character and his mastery of the language vernacular. He begins the music by the choir in Ebolowa (Elat) and later various interpretations during school fairs, birthdays and weddings. He is then inspired and fascinated by the tenors such as Georges SEBA, Lokua Kanza, Onel Mala, R-KELLY, Bantou Possi. These artists will influence his early career while giving him the passion to go farther and farther.

At the beginning of the year 2005, he decided to finally make his career in music, which will not be easy for him after the death of his father in 2005, the family does not accept his career choice. It is then that he meets Willy 2 Paris during a fair in Ebolowa that will guide him in the way he has set himself, thus opening the doors of the showbiz. In 2014, he signed a management contract with the Westsi2 Corporation of Jas B.

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